Thursday, August 7, 2008

PC World preparing to launch 'green' PC

PC World is finally gearing up to launch its green PC – a full 12 months after it was due to hit the shelves.

It was initially hoped the machine – dubbed the world’s first carbon neutral PC – would be released by last autumn.

But the high-street chain says it’s taken longer than anticipated to develop the technology for the eco-friendly computer.

A PC World spokeswoman said: ‘As with many innovative projects where we are developing groundbreaking technology, it has taken us a little longer to realise our ambitions than we initially hoped.

‘We will not compromise on the quality of our final product. For example, we have removed the energy hungry fan from the PC therefore we needed to develop an alternative safe and efficient cooling system.

‘We are extremely proud of this product which is currently going through the final stages of testing and we expect to be announcing its arrival shortly.’
Recycled materials.

PC World says its green PC will be made from recycled and recyclable materials where possible, and will also include energy-efficient components.

It also plans to buy carbon offsets to cover the environmental impact of manufacturing the PC.