Monday, January 28, 2008

Lenovo PCs Go Thin-n-Green

If 'small is beautiful' was the mantra in the desktop personal computer business, it is time to add another: 'Thin and green is in.'

Chinese PC maker Lenovo has built on the IBM legacy it inherited, by created what is possibly one of the thinnest, smallest, quietest — and least power-hungry desktop platforms on offer. The A 61e ThinkCentre launched in India this week, has achieved the highest ‘Gold’ status of the industry’s Green Electronics Council — rating based on energy efficiency as well as 90 per cent recyclable parts and packaging.

Versions begin at Rs. 15,800 ( monitor excluded) and are configured with a choice of AMD processors: the dual core Athlon 64 X2 or the mono core Sempron. The footprint is 8 cm width by 27 cm length by 17 cm breadth and the machine weighs in at just over 3 kg. Memory is selectable from 512MB to 8 GB and the hard disk is 80 GB. Different models run Windows 2000 or Vista Buiness.

"The A 61 e is our signature eco-friendly and energy-efficient desktop," said Lenovo India’s Executive Director, Transaction Business, Anil Philip. It strengthens the partnership with chip maker AMD, whose dual core processor used here takes just 45 watts — less than an average incandescent light bulb.