Thursday, January 10, 2008

Canon Pushes Eco-Friendly Green brand

Canon is bringing its range of eco-friendly printer products and its environmental initiatives under a new brand. Generation Green aims to make it easy for consumers to identify and learn about its green products.

Generation Green is divided into three product classification categories: eco-conscious, eco-standards and eco-friendly. Eco-conscious includes double-sided printing as standard, several packaging changes to boost shipping efficiency and the use of biodegradable limestone packaging material NatureStone instead of wood pulp.

In the eco-standards category, all products that meet the European Union Directive and the US Energy Star standards on hazardous substances will carry Generation Green branding.

The eco-friendly category will include its internal initiatives such as printing user manuals on recycled paper and using some recycled plastic on casings. Canon has also launched a waste recycling programme for toner cartridges.