Friday, September 28, 2007

Pick a New Power Supply Unit

Pick a New Power Supply Unit to save Electricity

Power-supply units (PSUs) have not traditionally been power savers. According to a 2006 white paper by two Google data-center designers, redesigning industry-standard PSUs could yield potentially huge energy savings. For instance, the white paper says that installing redesigned power supplies in 100 million desktop PCs that run eight hours a day would save 40 billion kilowatt-hours over three years. That's more than $5 billion at California's energy rates.

While Google's efficiency effort is theoretical, an initiative launched by utility companies and energy-efficiency organizations has resulted in real-world energy-saving PSUs. The voluntary certification program, known as the 80 Plus program, aims to make power supplies at least 80 percent energy-efficient. And because these energy-efficient PSUs aren't overindulging on heat-generating energy, they can also eliminate the need for a fan, resulting in a quieter, more-reliable PC. Approximately 70 designs from almost 20 manufacturers now bear the 80 Plus label. A typical 80 Plus-certified option is the EarthWatts PSU from Antec, which is available in three models: 380-watt, 430-watt, and 500-watt. It features a universal input (which accepts line voltages from 100 to 240 volts AC), Serial ATA and PCI Express power connectors, and compliance with the ATX 12V standard. The built-in 80mm cooling fan is rated for low-noise operation.

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How to Buy a Green PC?

An environmentally friendly computer will help preserve the environment—and save you money. Here is what all you need to know about the Green PC or Environment Friendly Computer......

PCs and information-technology equipment consume $8 billion in annual electricity costs each year in the United States. The price is even greater when you factor in carbon emissions caused by this power use, which contribute to global warming. With such high economic and environmental costs, energy efficiency has become unavoidably vital. In other words, it's time to take your PC green.

If you've been thinking about buying a PC that's less harmful to the environment, you're not alone. A recent survey found that more than half of PC buyers in nine countries were willing to spend more for green machines. The survey also found that consumers believe that tech manufacturers should be held more accountable for the impact of their products on the environment, a fact that PC makers are slowly accepting.
The perfect green computer does not exist yet—and may not for some time. But if you're shopping for a new PC and want to lessen its impact on the environment, there are ways to create a greener computing experience

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What is Green PC?

A PC especially designed to minimize power consumption. Green PCs draw less power than normal PCs and support sleep modes, in which the computer powers down all unnecessary components when it is inactive.
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