Friday, February 20, 2009

Going Green On "E-Recycling"

With the switch to digital television coming in June, many of you will be buying new TV's. But with lead, mercury and other poisonous materials lurking inside, what do you do with your old one?

For years, Pueblo County officials have been trying to find ways to keep residents from dumping their old electronics in ditches, alleys and fields. But now, thanks to the Eden Transfer and Recycling Center it's easier than ever for you to go green.

"They can't go to the landfill, they can't be disposed of in the dumpsters around town," said Jack Pendleton, owner of Eden Transfer and Recycling Center.

Pendleton has started a one of a kind program to Pueblo County.

"Right now, there is no other place in Pueblo County for people to take their e-waste, or electronic waste, their TV's, computers and monitors," explained Pendleton.

However, being kind to the plane does come with a small fee.

"The price ranges anywhere from 5 dollars to 50 dollars," he explained. "It's finding a place to be able to get rid of the TV's in an environmentally safe way."

Wednesday was the programs first day and already people have brought their TV's and computers to the center and Pendleton hopes, the trend will continue.

"We expect this to take off, and hopefully we will have a place for everyone in the community to bring their TV's," he added.

And if for some reason you can't bring your electronics to the center yourself, no need to worry. Just call Eden Transfer and Recycling and they will arrange to come pick it up for you.

You can reach the Eden Transfer and Recycling Center at (719) 546-3478

Here's a short list of the fees:

Desktop Computer W/ Monitor - $15.00

Computer Tower Only - $5.00

Lap Top Computer - $10.00

Printer/Fax/Scanners - $8.00

VCR/DVD Player - $5.00

TV (up to 20") - $15.00

TV (21" - 30") - $20.00

TV (31" - 40") - $25.00

TV (41" and larger) - $40.00
Flat-screen TV up to 40" - $20.00