Friday, September 5, 2008

Server replacement 'key for Green IT'

Replacing servers over three years old is essential for all firms looking to cut costs and reduce their carbon emissions, it has been claimed.

According to IT hosting company Memset, the power requirements of basic rackmount servers have halved in the last 18 months, while their performance has doubled, meaning that it makes environmental and economic sense to replace machines after two to three years.

The firm went on to say a Green IT alternative is to subcontract server infrastructure and environmental impact to a carbon neutral IT outsourcing provider.

Chief executive of charity Computer Aid Tony Roberts added that recycled and refurbished machines can be donated to schools in Africa, where there is a growing demand for new technology.

Earlier this week, IT infrastructure specialist RichardsoNEyres claimed IT outsourcing is vital for Green IT provision and firms looking to improve their environmental position while cutting cut costs should consider server consolidation.