Monday, September 22, 2008

Lenovo Introduces Six New Green Computer Monitors

Lenovo Introduces Six New Green Computer Monitors. Lenovo today began a sweeping update of its ThinkVision desktop LCDs that all focus on more eco-friendly performance. The 17-, 19-, 22-, and 24-inch displays largely use a new technique that improves the amount of light reaching the LCD while cutting down on the amount of backlighting needed, improving their power use between 30 to 60 percent depending on the model. A new range-topping model, the L2440x Wide, also uses an LED backlight and a low-halogen screen that let it use just 29W of power even with its large 24-inch panel.

The 1920x1200 display also carries features that have been rare or non-existent in Lenovo's better LCDs, such as DisplayPort input, full pivoting and a four-port USB hub. A second variant of the 24-inch model known as the L2440p Wide carries the same size, resolution and USB ports but drops DisplayPort and switches to a conventional cold-cathode fluorescent backlight to lower prices.

The more conventional displays include the 4:3 ratio L1700p, the 1440x900 L1940p Wide and its European-only equivalent L1940, and the 1680x1050 L2240p Wide. The company is unspecific on details but claims an average pixel response time of 5ms for its displays and says that contrast ratios peak at 1,000:1 on some models, including 24-inch screens.

Launches start on September 19th, when the L1700p ships in the US for $240 and the L1940 reaches Europe with varying prices. Other prices aren't mentioned except for the L2440x Wide, which tops the line at $750.


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