Tuesday, July 15, 2008

SPARKLE Proudly Announces Calibre P960 Green Power Graphics Card With Power Saving Up to 28%

SPARKLE Computer today Introduced the Calibre P960 Green Power Graphics Card with exclusive power savings features, to contribute its strength for earth environmental protection, greenhouse effect control to and carbon dioxide emissions reduction.

Since the industrial revolution, greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, sent by the human being into the atmosphere has increased year after year, enhancing the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect was mainly due to a lot of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere caused by excessive burning of coal, oil and gas in modern industrial society. The increasing energy demand has led to a substantial increase of carbon dioxide gas emissions. In terms of the reference board of GeForce 9600 GT graphics card, its full-load power consumption is about 101W, so decrease the power consumption of graphics cards in computers around the global will dramatically depress the carbon dioxide gas emissions made by power houses.

Now scientists predict that If the temperature raise on earth's surface continues to develop by the current pace, by 2050 the global temperatures will rise 2-4 degrees Celsius, the icebergs in north and south polar would melt cosmically, leading the sea level increase greatly , some island countries and coastal cities will submerged in water, including several famous international cities: New York, Shanghai, Tokyo and Sydney. The greenhouse effect and global warming has caused widespread concern around the world, they are currently promoting the development of international Convention on Climate Change, reduction of carbon dioxide emissions have become the trend of the times.

By introducing the Calibre P960 Green Power Graphics Card, now SPARKLE not only can provide a high performance graphic solution, but also encompasses effective power savings and a friendly green environment. With strong R&D team, Calibre P960 Green Power Graphics Card features SPARKLE exclusively designed 3-way BIOS, which includes three routes BIOS, corresponding to low-frequency, standard frequency and overclocking frequency. The exclusive 3-way BIOS features auto phase switching that provides users with real-time detection and optimization of power. This allows the whole power consumption lower to 72.9W, users can obtain up to 28% power savings, compared with GeForce 9600 GT reference boards. With environmental protection conception inside, this eco-friendly function will dramatically reduce power consumption and heat emissions, effectively against global warming and manage to do energy conservation.

At present, the number of global PC has reached to 1 billion, scientists expect the number will reach to 2 billion in 2014. Taiwan. To the current number one billion of terms, if 1 percent of the PCs currently running and using the GeForce 9600 GT GPU based graphics cards are replaced their graphics cards with Calibre P960 Green Power graphics cards, then the energy saving every hour will be up to 1,000,000,000 x 1% x (101-72.9) = 281,000kWh. If these PC run four hours a day with 365 days a year, the annual energy saving would be up to 281,000 X 4 X 365 = 410,260,000kWh. Now the carbon dioxide emissions pollution of Taiwan's per 1kWh is 637 grams, that is to say, based on the above assumptions, the annual global carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by up to 637 x 410,260,000 = 261,335,620 kilograms.

It is well known that because the business factors, the Green PC in the majority of Internet cafes runs at 7x24. Calculations based on one Internet cafe with 50 PCs, if it uses 50 pieces of Calibre P960 Green Power graphics cards, the annual power savings is up to (101-72.9) x 50 x 24 x 365 = 12,307.80kWh,compared with GeForce 9600 GT reference boards,leading up to 2,000 U.S. dollars or more than 60,000 Taiwan dollars bills saving which is calculated on the up to NTD 5.1 or US $ 0.165 electricity unit price.

"As the world's only intelligent power saving DX10 graphic card, the Calibre P960 Green Power Graphics Card is our first product with 3-way BIOS design." Said Joe Lo, product director of SPARKLE Computer Co., Ltd. "With this wonder-working method, it provides up to 28% power savings – allowing users to help save the Earth every time they switch on their PCs!"