Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gigabyte Embraces Green

PC maker to include energy saver in motherboards

Motherboard and graphics card maker, Gigabyte, says computer users will soon be saving millions of rands thanks to its new energy-efficient motherboard designs.

The company will in future include Dynamic Energy Saver (DES) in all its motherboards. Gigabyte says that using DES computer users will save up to 70% in power consumption and see a power efficiency of as much as 20%.

Sebastian Isaac, marketing director at Rectron, which distributes Gigabyte products, says that Gigabyte's DES "is controlled completely by a chipset solution that actually allows multiple power phases of the PC to be controlled with software that can distinguish between light and heavy loading to give you maximum power saving with the most efficiency".

Isaac says that besides potential cost-savings, DES-enabled motherboards help to reduce the impact everyday computing has on the environment, since less power consumption means less energy is needed to be produced from coal burning power plants. This cuts down on carbon dioxide output, a by-product of burning fossil fuels for electricity and a known component of greenhouse gasses.

Isaac says that with an estimated five million PCs in use across the country, "if all these PCs had to use this technology, then the amount of savings per year can be anything from R50 million to R250 million a year".