Friday, June 20, 2008

Wipro Eco Energy to offer consultancy services

Following the launch of Eco Eye initiative, which is related to green PC revolution with eco-friendly activities, IT major Wipro Ltd is all set to provide consultancy services through its newly-floated arm, Wipro Eco Energy. A team has been constituted which is set to offer its full services by this year end.

According to SA Sudarshan, vice-president, Wipro Eco Energy, (division of Wipro Ltd), the company would be offering consultancy services which would be bundled with the existing services. ''We are looking at offering consultancy services to corporates by becoming their partners and leverage our experiences to reduce carbon footprint,'' he said. For this initiative, the company is looking at customers which are energy-intensive industries, off-grid locations and institutes which consume more power.

Wipro Eco Energy is looking to build a core team of talented professionals with experience in renewable energy technology like solar, wind turbines, biogas and biofuel, geothermal space.

As part of its Eco Eye initiative, Wipro has developed a framework for ecological sustainability. It aims to become carbon neutral, build green data centres, launch greenware PCs, eco-friendly product engineering designs, e-waste disposal service and water treatment solutions.

Incidentally, Wipro Technologies has announced its membership in 'The Green Grid', a global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems. The initiatives extend from energy efficient data centers to eco-friendly product engineering designs and PC ranges.

These data centers provide Wipro's customers end-to-end services for better utilization of their capacity, thereby helping enterprises to minimize their use of power, cooling and housing equipment, which cause greenhouse gases. The data centers apply practices such as server virtualization to minimize the amount of equipment required for operations.

Meanwhile, the company has about 2.5 million sq.ft constructed space currently. This is likely to be increased to 4 million sq. ft and 10-12 buildings of the company are expected to go green. Further, as part of its financial accounting norms, a report on Carbon Disclosure Programme (CDB) is expected to be ready by the end of December.