Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dell Gets Green Gold Star from 80 Plus

DELL was blowing its own green trumpet today, as the firm announced its server power supplies had met an industry target of 92 per cent efficiency at 50 percent load.

The company is apparently the first in the industry to get gold certification from 80 Plus, an outfit which promotes more electrical energy efficient computer power supply units.

80 Plus certification lets manufacturers and customers compare various power supplies using criteria laid down by international standards outfit, Energy Star and Climate Savers Computing Initiative.

According to Dell, not only do its power supplies get a ‘gold star’ from 80 Plus, they also met July 2009 Climate Savers targets for servers, over a year ahead of schedule. Earlier in June, Dell also became the first major computer manufacturer to receive an 80 plus silver certified power supply for the company’s desktops. This latest achievement, the company says, is another brick in the yellow brick road to ultimate green-ness amongst its tech rivals.

Dell has apparently taken on a quest to become the first firm in the tech industry to totally cancel out its global carbon impact by the end of this year. The company reckons it is already saving over $3 million a year and cutting down on almost 20,000 tons of CO2 through power-management programmes and greener facilities.

The firm has also pledged to make laptops and desktops up to 25 percent less power guzzling by 2010, compared to its current offerings.