Friday, April 25, 2008

Dell claims "greenest" PC

On Earth Day 2008 Dell came out and announced the world's greenest PC. This is Dell trying to grab some spotlight, and when you look at what they actually said, it's pretty much fluff. The Mac Mini and everex's MyMiniPC have been publicly praised for their "greenity". What Dell did today was say "we're going to do that also". The Dell product doesn't even have a name yet, let alone a price or specs. This could be because Intel or AMD hasn't released the chip for it yet, but in reality it is probably because isn't fully designed yet. Dell might also have some insider info (that's my opinion).

If Dell knows that Steve is going to release a new MacMini at the World Wide Developer's Conference in June (WWDC 08), then Dell will want to get their product out before Apple does. Problem is that it isn't ready yet. By all logic reasoning the new Mac Mini would be even more "green" than it's current form, and will probably be more green than Dell's unnamed mini. So what does Dell do? Announce their "green" machine before Apple announces theirs.>span class="fullpost">

Just for the record, I'm for the green movement. It's a necessity. But Dell using Earth Day to promote a product that isn't even made or named yet is just not 'Earthy" to me.