Thursday, April 3, 2008

Apple Introduces Free Recycling For Any Brand

Apple continues to do penance for its eco-sins with the launch of a new recycling scheme that will accept not only its own products, but those of rival PC brands as well. That's right; in the name of greenness, the age-old rift is no more.

How will this work? Apple is offering free recycling on items such as CPUs, iPods and mobile phones, both in-store and online; a freepost label is generated when the user fills out their details. Apple will pay for the shipping, with the one proviso that those taking advantage of the service must have already bought an Apple computer. Details on how to recycle your computer equipment are on Apple's.

How to recycle your computer equipment, get information from here


Tony said...

Apple Computer files complaint over NYC's green branding

Apple Computer and a New York City environmental initiative both have apple logos, but is that an original sin? Apple Computer thinks problems will stem from the too-similar logos, and has filed a trademark infringement complaint against GreeNYC, the Big Apple's campaign to boost environmental awareness. But a spokesperson for New York City's marketing arm disputes the core problem, biting back, "We believe the infinity apple design and its mission to create environmental awareness are unique and distinctive and do not infringe upon the Apple Computer brand."