Thursday, November 29, 2007

CallWave Virtual Fax Helps Corporate America Go Green

CallWave, Inc. today announced the availability of CallWave Virtual Fax. Designed so users can conveniently send and receive faxes right from their computer, CallWave Virtual Fax provides corporations, mobile professionals and entrepreneurs with a new user-friendly, affordably-priced, environmentally-conscious communications solution. With CallWave’s Eco-Friendly Virtual Fax, Businesses Save Money, Time and the Environment

“Faxing is an essential part of office activities, but the traditional faxing process has surprisingly negative impacts on our environment – wasting paper, killing trees and emitting toxic particles and gases into the atmosphere,” said Jeff Cavins, Chief Executive Officer of CallWave. “With CallWave Virtual Fax, professionals can quickly and easily communicate – while saving paper, toner and energy. Easy-to-use, cost-effective and green, CallWave Virtual Fax is a powerful fax solution for today’s executive.”

Fax – The Silent Eco-Killer
Fax machines are one of the most energy intensive office tools. Even when idle, they consume energy – and energy production is one of the biggest sources of carbon emissions. However, the damage done by faxing goes beyond the machine itself as U.S. companies use 210 billion sheets of paper each year for faxing alone. 17 million trees are lost annually to supply this paper, contributing to global warming and soil erosion, among several other environmental problems.

CallWave Virtual Fax – The Green Solution
CallWave Virtual Fax offers a simple and effective way to protect the environment – eliminating paper from the faxing process and making the energy-inefficient fax machine obsolete. Additionally, CallWave Virtual Fax removes the need for ink and toner cartridges, two forms of non-biodegradable waste that fill landfills and result in methane and other greenhouse gases.

CallWave Virtual Fax, is available now at prices up to 35% less than the competition. For a limited time, interested subscribers can enjoy a seven-day free trial – saving paper and energy with no obligation. For additional details please visit


Dre said...

17 million trees are lost a year due to traditional paper faxing--I'm glad corporations like CallWave are taking the initiative to help the environment.

Marc Rivers said...

I wonder why more companies aren't following CallWave's lead.

It looks like they're doing a plant a tree program with the American Forests Global ReLeaf project.