Friday, March 13, 2009

Donate Your Old Computer Equipment to A Good Cause

Donate Your Old Computer Equipment to A Good Cause. Why Recycle When You Can Re-Use?

We have to donate all electronic garbage so that it can be further recycle thus use it again for good purpose. By doing so we can save environment, earth as well money. So, take steps to save energy. Got any old computer equipment lying around? You could recycle it, or you could put it in the hands of someone who will get some good use out of it.

That's the idea behind Computers With Causes, a charity that accepts old computers from individuals and small business, refurbishes them, and gives them to people or organizations who need them.

This reduces e-waste, cuts down on clutter, and puts perfectly good electronics back to work where they can help change the world for the people or groups who receive them.

According to their website, "Computers with causes evaluates each and every donation on a case by case basis. Whenever financially beneficial, computers with causes will repair, refurbish, and properly prepare donated property for placement into an educational environment or other cause we support. The ultimate goal being to maximize the benefit of your donations both financially and through educational purposes to the communities in which we live."

Functioning computers will be put back to use in the community. Non-functioning computers can even be useful, as they'll get donated to schools to help teach computer repair.

Anything Computers With Causes receives that can't be used gets recycled, using what they call a "zero landfill" process.

Donations earn you tax deductions, and some donations can even earn you a free vacation!