Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Asustek goes for green with N-series notebooks

The N20 notebook series developed by Asustek Computer has won a WinHEC 2008 award in the Green PC category because of its eco-friendly design.

In addition to the WinHEC award, the N20 has been rated "Gold" in the Electronics Products Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) eco-program. Asustek said it has committed itself to "green," or environmentally-friendly PC products, in order to be responsible for hazardous waste from PCs.

EPEAT requires products to meet environmental criteria in eight categories including restrictions on hazardous substances, designing for end of life, energy conservation and packaging. Asustek has attempted to reduce hazardous materials and components that are used for its N20-series notebooks and eliminated a total of 37 hazardous substances, 31 in addition to the six controlled by ROHS regulations.

Not only is the N20-series' display mercury-free, but its LED backlight unit (BLU) also helps consume 50% less power than traditional CCFL panels, according to Asustek.

In addition, the N20-series adopts the in-mold roller (IMR) technology for its chassis, instead of conventional painting. IMR treated cases for notebook PCs help to reduce powder pollution to the environment. Meanwhile, the N20-series is also easy to disassemble for recycling purposes, Asustek highlighted.

The "eco-labeled" N20 series was launched in November 2008, targeting the mainstream consumer notebook segment.

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