Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Eco-friendly PC from Eurocom

Eurocom has done it again with its innovative designs. This time instead of a desktop replacement notebook, which is their specialty, it is an Eco-friendly PC or the green desktop.

What ever you want to call it, this all-in-one product basically eliminates the mouse completely. Its touch screen technology enables users to navigate the screen and open and close documents and programs with the touch of a finger or with a stylus (included).

This is a new way of computing and it does take some time to get a feel for it, but I have to stay it was a totally natural way of interfacing with the computer.

Now, you still need a keyboard. The Eurocom unit does not come with a keyboard and I can see where the company is coming from. However, it was impossible to operate the PC with out it.

For example, you still needed to type in your password for the wireless Internet connection. Finding a digital keyboard on Windows XP was too hard and too time consuming and it would not be a natural way of computing in my opinion.

The only other problem with the Eco-friendly PC is that you cannot shut off the screen while still operating the computer. It forces you to shut down the system each time you want to stop.

But that is it. With this unit, Eurocom claims it has the most energy efficient/recyclable product on the market. And, they just might. CDN has not done a product comparison on these products. To be fair, we haven't seen other vendors produce a similar type product. So kudos goes to Eurocom for being innovative.

The Eco-friendly PC was made with a low carbon footprint in mind. It uses just 53 watts to operate and can go as high as 74 watts. To give you an idea of how low this is, the average desktop PC consumes between 300 to 400 watts of power when it is fully operational.

The product is made of 100 per cent recycled parts. It weights just under 10 Kg. and it can be quite portable. I moved the unit with ease to many areas of the office and at home. The small form factor (450mm width x 312mm length and 66.5mm height) gives users a lot of workspace room.

At a price tag of $1,299 for the 19-inch mode of the Eurocom Eco-friendly PC, this product comes at a reasonable price considering all the advantages users would get with reduced consumption rates.