Monday, May 5, 2008

Snogard Reacts to Interest in Green IT

Snogard are launching 3 new energy saving green PC in their ECO LINE range onto the market. The manufacturer is answering the increasing interest that people have in computers which have reduced energy needs. The company from Frechen (Germany) has called these computers the ECO 4050e, ECO 4450e and ECO 4850e. Adjustments were made to the power supply and the CPU to enable these to run with less energy. These PCs have the newest energy saving processors made by AMD. Even when in heavy use, the processors only need 45W, regardless of whether the user is working or playing computer games.

Power supplies use between 385 and 425W, which doesn’t actually sound very energy efficient. The new range of power supplies from Enermax provides an 84 to 88 percent efficiency when being used at over 20 percent capacity. Because of this, the power supply complies with the 82+ efficiency class and the ENERGY STAR 4.0 seal of approval, as well of those of Blauer Engel (German standard) and 80 Plus. Another advantage is that the mains adapters are especially quiet. Users needn’t worry about a loss of performance due to this increased efficiency.

According to the manufacturer, the ECOLINE PC series is equipped with hard drives of between 250 and 750GB memory for storing data. A DVD burner is also on board, as well as a 2048MB RAM. The AMD Athlon X2 processors provide a frequency of between 2.1 and 2.5GHz.


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