Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Eco-friendly LCD monitor-ViewSonic VA1616w

The ViewSonic VA1616w could be the ideal LCD monitor for anyone concerned about their energy usage.

Reduced power consumption by computer monitors is a likely feature of many people's environmental wish-list.

In the past, attempts to help computer users to feel less guilty have included the launch of Blackle, an alternative to Google with a black background.

But the service received mixed reviews, with some critics claiming that changing the background from white to black would not reduce the energy used.

For a more concrete solution, the ViewSonic VA1616w might be one option, as it comes with Energy Star certification.

This rates it at a power consumption level of 17.2 Watts when active and 0.2 Watts when on standby.

Launched in February, the LCD monitor could therefore be a good selection for anyone seeking to invest in a new 15-inch monitor.

Energy Star points out that consuming less power means components can run cooler, helping them to last for longer before needing to be replaced.