Thursday, February 28, 2008

Lenovo Introdcing Energy Efficient and Green PC

Lenovo is introducing smaller and more energy efficient and green PCs in order to meet tighter environmental standards.

Detailing its line-up for the coming year at an event in Paris, Lenovo said that it is making energy efficiency key to its future desktop strategy.

This was demonstrated by the newly launched M57/M57p Eco USFF (Ultra-Small Form Factor) due out later this year. The PC uses a small shell and environmental tweaks to save $30 per year in running costs. Lenovo claims that the device can reduce carbon emissions by 259.8kg compared with a traditional PC.

"Lenovo will have a stronger green focus on new desktops," said Per Olesen, desktop product manager at Lenovo. "There are huge potential savings with the new technology."

Lenovo is taking the same approach with notebooks. The new X300 model is made of 90 per cent recyclable material and uses LED back lighting and solid state drives to cut the carbon footprint.

"Now it's a massive issue and is going to be a major focus for Lenovo. Investors are choosing to invest in environmentally friendly companies and those who use green technology."

The rules on power supplies are also being applied to notebooks and the X300 has 87 per cent efficiency in this area, and also boasts an Energy Star 4.0 rating.