Monday, December 17, 2007

D-Link Unveils Industry's First Green Ethernet Technology

D-Link International announces the launch of the company's Green Ethernet technology and its new environmentally - friendly series of home/SOHO Gigabit switches in Southeast Asia -DGS-1005D, DGS-1008D, DGS-1016D, and DGS-1024D. D-Link is the first company in the networking industry to introduce the Green Ethernet technology in its Gigabit switches.

This innovative technology decreases energy costs and reduces power consumption without sacrificing operational performance and functionality, by recognizing when a port is active or inactive to adjust its power accordingly. It is also capable of altering the power usage relative to the length of its cable.

"This Green Ethernet technology initiative not only benefits both our ecosystem and Home/SOHO users, it also emphasizes our strong commitment to protecting the environment," said Peter Lim, Vice President (Southeast Asia), D-Link International. "With the launch of the new series of Gigabit switches, we will be extending this green technology to other product ranges, and developing more eco friendly products that comply with RoHS (Restruction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) directives"

RoHS directives restrict the use of specific hazardous materials during the manufacture of electrical and electronic goods, while WEEE applies standards for proper disposal and recycling of products.

Green Ethernet TechnologyD-Link's Green Ethernet technology is specially designed to provide smart, automated power consumption reduction, by automatically detecting a link's status and cable length, and adjusting power usage accordingly, thereby benefitting users who may not need perpetual use of their computers or the use of all the ports on their switches.

By reducing power consumption, less heat is produced, resulting in extended product life and lower operating costs. Internal tests conducted by D-Link has shown that the DGS-1005D Gigabit switch is capable of a maximum power saving of up to 44% when connected devices are powered down, and a power saving of up to 27% when connected devices are used for 10 hours and powered down for 14 hours over a 24-hour period, via 20m Ethernet cables. The DGS-1008D Gigabit switch is cable of a maximum power saving of up to 80% and 40% respectively.

Power conserved when links are idleEven when a computer is shut down, switches often remain on and continue to consume considerable amounts of power. Through D-Link's Green Ethernet technology, the new switches can detect when a computer is turned off and will respond accordingly by switching into standby mode and reducing power used for that port.

Optimized power usage based on dynamic detection of cable length Switches normally to send full power to Ethernet cables regardless of the actual length. Using D-Link's Green Ethernet technology, the switches can analyze the cable's length and adjust the power accordingly. Since the cable length used by Home/SOHO users is usually less than 20m, power consumption can significantly be reduced. The D-Link Green Ethernet series Gigabit switches will become available at authorized retail, reseller, and distribution partners in the first quarter of 2008.