Friday, October 19, 2007

Recycling Firms Nationwide USA

Only a handful of full-service electronics recycling firms are available that have nationwide service outlets. The industry remains fragmented, and many firms only offer services locally. Here are a few that should be able to address your total needs regardless of your enterprise’s location.

Horizon Datacom Solutions:
Horizon Datacom Solutions offers full electronics asset recovering in conjunction with specialized partners. Established in 1995, the firm also resells preowned data equipment. Its customers include users, resellers, brokers, and service and repair companies.

Intechra focuses on eliminating the risks surrounding data security, compliance, and environmental impact while seeking to maximize value recovery on IT asset investment. Intechra claims to have pioneered many of the industry’s best-practice processes for IT assets recovery and says it has worked with industry and government to develop national and local guidelines for information security and electronics waste disposition.

MPC (Materials Processing Corp.):
MPC has offered electronics recycling services for more than two decades and works with “clients of all sizes.” The firm says it continually assesses and adjusts its receipt-to-recycle processes.

Redemtech offers what it calls a continuous on-demand process called TCM (Technology Change Management). Like the lean supply model, TCM offers what the firm calls “a continuous, planned process of tech reuse, remarketing, and environmentally safe computer recycling--to optimize IT asset value throughout the life cycle.”